To be fully Human

«That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.»
— Neil Armstrong

The space conquer may appear trivial, something that we now take for granted, something that belongs to the past. But it’s something that, just a few millions years ago, our ancestors would have not even been able to comprehend.
The space conquer is not the past: it is the future. It’s something whose infinite possibilities give significance and meaning to our past. Our ability to emancipate from our earthling condition is what only could give us back our “lost” dignity, the self-respect we miss since we discovered our humble animal origins.
Failing to grasp the depth of this idea, looking at this picture without rapture, means lacking the ability to look at the future and feel its magnitude. Looking at this picture without misty-eyes, means being not fully Human.

(source of the picture: wikipedia — released by NASA in the public domain)


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